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vista maria ministry mission

To bring God’s Word and love to the girls of Vista Maria,

leading them to salvation with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

what is vista maria?

Vista Maria is a home for wayward girls ages 10-18+ years old, located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.


They are from all walks of life but have had multiple traumatic events in their lives such as: verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, rape, sex trafficking, mental illness, runaways, multiple pregnancies, parent’s abandonment,

self-mutilation, being arrested and in jail, parents or caregiver in prison, parents or caregiver using and selling drugs

or in prostitution rings, as well as gambling and pornography addictions.

Service Times
What to Expect

our vision

To help the girls and staff of Vista Maria build an intimate relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ through hearing
and being taught God’s Word. Through their new faith, they can accept the healing from Jesus

and live happy, joyous and free the first time in their lives.


what do you do?

We typically arrive at the Vista Maria facility, located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, at 5:30pm

on Friday evenings approximately twice per month.  As we welcome the girls to our meeting, they fill out name tags

and find a comfortable spot.  We then open with prayer requests, prayer and praise and worship.

The group breaks up into smaller groups with leaders, where they can pray together, share and engage in a lesson.

Once the groups complete their lessons and prayer time, they enjoy snacks, topical games, and fellowship.

interested in being a part of this ministry? 

That's great! We are in need of more ladies to join us as we show young women

just how much they are loved by not only Jesus, but by us as well. 

Click the button below to e-mail our ministry director, Laura Sweet, for more information.

She can also be reached at: 734-516-5423.

how else can i help?

We can ALWAYS use supplies to help support this ministry! If you're unable to give time,

perhaps you can donate any of the following items.  All donations are sincerely appreciated!

  • Napkins

  • Paper plates, both large and small sizes

  • Plastic cups

  • Plastic spoons 

  • Plastic forks

  • Small, safe gift items in the $1-$3 range

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